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Phone - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api
Class used to interact with someone's phone.
PhoneMessage - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
Used in Phone
PhoneMessage(UUID, String) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.PhoneMessage
PhoneOpenEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone opens his phone.
PhoneOpenEvent(Player, String, PhoneOpenType) - Constructor for class
PhoneOpenType - Enum in nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums
All the phone open types for PhoneOpenEvent
PlayerBreakLegEvent - Class in
When you get more then 2 damage from falling, you'll receive a message that you've "broke your leg".
PlayerBreakLegEvent(Player) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangeLevelEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someones level has changed
PlayerChangeLevelEvent(OfflinePlayer, LevelChangeReason) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangeTimeEvent - Class in
Event thrown every 15 seconds when their time increases.
PlayerChangeTimeEvent(Player) - Constructor for class
PlayerReceiveLevelPaymentEvent - Class in
Event thrown when Players their ingame time SDBPlayer.getTime(nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.TimeType) increases by 1 full hour.
PlayerReceiveLevelPaymentEvent(Player, double) - Constructor for class
PlayerSentSMSEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone sends an SMS message using his phone (and not when using Phone.sendMessage(OfflinePlayer, String))
PlayerSentSMSEvent(Player, String, String) - Constructor for class
Plot - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
Plot(ProtectedRegion, long, String) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Plot
PlotCreateEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone creates a plot using /padd
PlotCreateEvent(Player, ProtectedRegion, World) - Constructor for class
PlotDeleteEvent - Class in
Event thrown whenever someone deletes a plot using /delplot
PlotDeleteEvent(Player, ProtectedRegion, World) - Constructor for class
PlotPriceType - Enum in nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums
Used in nl.minetopiasdb.api.API#getPrice
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