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calculateBuildingPrice() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Plot
Get the calculated building and builder price for this region in an entry.
calculateGroundPrice() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Plot
Calculate the value of the ground.
calculateLevel() - Method in class
Calculate the level for this player.
CHAT - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.ColorType
checkStatistics(Player) - Method in class
Check the fitness statistics of a player, to decide if his/her fitness should increase
clearBoosts(UUID, BoostType) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.BoosterManager
Remove all boosts that a player has
clearCache() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankUtils
Clear the bankaccount cache but leave it empty.
clearChanges() - Method in class
Clear all changes that haven't been sent to the database yet.
clearOfflineCache() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata.PlayerManager
Clear the offline player cache
CLICK_ATM - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.ATMOpenType
ColorManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata
Class for handling levelcolor, prefixcolor and chatcolor.
ColorManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata.ColorManager
ColorType - Enum Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums
Different types of color.
COMMAND - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.LevelChangeReason
Used when changed with a command (such as /setlevel)
COMMAND - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.LevelcheckType
For /levelcheck command
create(UUID, double) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.LoanManager
Create a loan in the database and returns a CompletableFuture containing the loan id.
create(BankAccountType) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankUtils
Create a bankaccount of the given type.
create(Location, Location, double, int) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.TeleporterManager
Create a teleporter with a given costs, sign location and goal location Please call me async
createBoost(UUID, int, int) - Method in class
Create a fitness boost
createBossBarForAll() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.objects.BoostBar
Create the bossbar for all the online players
createItem(Player, String) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankingGUI
Create ATM item for given player and path
createNewPhone(int, UUID) - Method in class
Automatically register a new phonenumber.
createPhone(int, UUID) - Method in class
createWithdrawedItem(Player, String) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankingGUI
Create the item you would receive when withdrawing money
CriminalActivity - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
CriminalActivity(int, String) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.CriminalActivity
CriminalRecordEntryAddedEvent - Class in
Event thrown when an entry has been added to players criminal record
CriminalRecordEntryAddedEvent(UUID, int, String) - Constructor for class
CriminalRecordEntryDeletedEvent - Class in
Event thrown when an entry has been removed from the players criminal record
CriminalRecordEntryDeletedEvent(UUID, int) - Constructor for class
CriminalRecordManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api
Class used to see or modify the criminal records of a player.
CriminalRecordManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.CriminalRecordManager
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