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TARGET_NEEDS_TO_ACCEPT - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.PinConsoleManager.PinProgress
Third progress step, this is when the target player needs to hit the pinconsole to accept the transaction
teleport(Player, String) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Teleporter
Teleport provided player to the teleporter location
Teleporter - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
Teleporter object.
Teleporter(String, int, int, int, String, int, int, int, double, int, int, int) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Teleporter
TeleporterManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api
Class to manage teleporters
TeleporterManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.TeleporterManager
toDatabase() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankUtils
Push all the changes to the database.
toggleScoreboard(Player) - Static method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.API
Toggle the scoreboard for the provided player
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All Classes|All Packages|Deprecated API