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Bankaccount - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
The bankaccount object
Bankaccount(int, BankAccountType, double, String, boolean, HashMap<UUID, BankPermission>) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.Bankaccount
BankAccountAddUserEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone uses /bankaccount adduser
BankAccountAddUserEvent(CommandSender, OfflinePlayer, BankPermission, int) - Constructor for class
BankAccountCreatedEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone has created a bankaccount using /bankaccount create
BankAccountCreatedEvent(CommandSender, int, BankAccountType) - Constructor for class
BankAccountDeleteEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone deletes a bankaccount with /bankaccount delete
BankAccountDeleteEvent(CommandSender, int) - Constructor for class
BankAccountRemoveUserEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone uses /bankaccount removeuser
BankAccountRemoveUserEvent(CommandSender, OfflinePlayer, int) - Constructor for class
BankAccountType - Enum Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums
Enum that holds the different types of bankaccounts
BankingGUI - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
Class responsible for banking GUI
BankingGUI() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankingGUI
BankPermission - Enum Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums
Enum that holds the different permissions for bankaccount users
BankUtils - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
General utility class for banking
BankUtils() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankUtils
Book - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api
Class used to interact with books
Book(String) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.Book
Book.Variable - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api
Boost - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.objects
Boost object
Boost(int, BoostType, int) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.objects.Boost
BoostBar - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.objects
Management class for the booster bar
BoostBar(BoostType) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.objects.BoostBar
BoosterManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters
Class responsible for managing boosters
BoosterManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.BoosterManager
BoostType - Enum Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters
Class that holds the different types of boosters
BUSINESS - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.BankAccountType
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All Classes|All Packages|Deprecated API