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PERSONAL - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.BankAccountType
Phone - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
Phone object
Phone(int, double, UUID) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Phone
PhoneContact - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
PhoneContact object used in the PhoneManager object.
PhoneContact(long, int, UUID) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.PhoneContact
PhoneManager - Class in
Class for managing phones.
PhoneManager() - Constructor for class
PhoneMessage - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
PhoneMessage object used in PhoneMessageManager.getMessages(int)
PhoneMessage(long, int, UUID, int, String, boolean) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.PhoneMessage
PhoneMessageManager - Class in
Class for managing phone messages.
PhoneMessageManager() - Constructor for class
PinConsoleManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
Management class for pinconsoles
PinConsoleManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.PinConsoleManager
PinConsoleManager.PinProgress - Enum Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
Pin progress enum.
PinConsoleManager.PinProgressObject - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking
Pin progress object
PinProgressObject(UUID, Location, double, PinConsoleManager.PinProgress, int) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.PinConsoleManager.PinProgressObject
PlayerChangedFitnessAttributeEvent - Class in
Event thrown when a fitness attribute has changed (fitGainedByDrinking, unhealthyFood, etc.)
PlayerChangedFitnessAttributeEvent(UUID, String, int) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangeLevelEvent - Class in
Event thrown right before someone's level changes
PlayerChangeLevelEvent(SDBPlayer, LevelChangeReason, int) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangePrefixEvent - Class in
Event thrown right before someone's prefix changes
PlayerChangePrefixEvent(SDBPlayer, String) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangeTimeEvent - Class in
Event thrown every 15 seconds when their time increases.
PlayerChangeTimeEvent(Player) - Constructor for class
PlayerChangeTotalFitnessEvent - Class in
Event thrown right before someone's total fitness changes
PlayerChangeTotalFitnessEvent(UUID, int) - Constructor for class
PlayerLevelcheckEvent - Class in
This event is thrown when a levelcheck is executed.
PlayerLevelcheckEvent(OfflinePlayer, int, LevelcheckType) - Constructor for class
PlayerManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata
Class for managing playerdata.
PlayerManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata.PlayerManager
PlayerReceiveLevelPaymentEvent - Class in
Event thrown when Players their ingame time increases by 1 full hour and the player receives his level payment.
PlayerReceiveLevelPaymentEvent(Player, double) - Constructor for class
PlayerSwapEvent - Class in
Event thrown after the playerdata of two players got swapped
PlayerSwapEvent(UUID, UUID) - Constructor for class
Plot - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects
Plot object
Plot(ProtectedRegion, String) - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.objects.Plot
PlotCreateEvent - Class in
Event thrown when someone creates a plot using /padd
PlotCreateEvent(Player, ProtectedRegion, World) - Constructor for class
PlotDeleteEvent - Class in
Event thrown whenever someone deletes a plot using /delplot
PlotDeleteEvent(Player, ProtectedRegion, World) - Constructor for class
PREFIX - Enum constant in enum class nl.minetopiasdb.api.enums.ColorType
PrefixManager - Class in nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata
Class for handling multiple prefixes with the /prefix menu.
PrefixManager() - Constructor for class nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata.PrefixManager
pullActiveBoosts() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.boosters.BoosterManager
Pull the currently active boosters to the database.
pullCache() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.banking.BankUtils
Update the bankaccount cache.
pullData() - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.TeleporterManager
Pull the data from the database (isn't necessary, TeleporterManager.getTeleporters() does this automatically when the cache is empty
pushSetsToDatabase(UUID) - Method in class nl.minetopiasdb.api.playerdata.PlayerManager
Push all the changes to this UUID to the database.
pushSetsToDatabase(UUID, HashMap<String, Integer>) - Method in class
Push changes of player to database
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All Classes|All Packages|Deprecated API